Zensui Narita


1976年生まれ  名古屋市出身

ペインター/ グラフィックデザイナー/ アートディレクター/ DJ


そして、2013年 NY ARTEXPO(ニューヨーク)に参加。自国の歴史や文化と深く向き合いながら、現代にあるべき
表現への模索・追求を軸に精力的に作品を制作。 ペイント作品やグラフィックデザイン、オブジェ制作などに加え


Born in Nagoya in 1976.

Painter / Graphic Designer / Art Director / DJ

Although Narita pursued a deep interest in art in his teens, he could not discover his own style and instead he immersed himself in music.
After graduating from design school he worked in the prop department at a TV station and specialized in customized painting as a commercial design paint mechanic.

An entrepreneur, domestically and internationally, he expanded his art activities under the theme “ the pursuit of modern style expression of one’s own identity” in 2011.
The same year he held a solo exhibition, “SHABA,” in Nagoya. (Originally the exhibition was to be held in Tokyo, but it was relocated due to the Great Hanshin Earthquake.)

In 2013, Narita participated in the NY ARTEXPO in New York. Reflecting on his own country’s history and culture, he enthusiastically produced works based on his seeking and pursuit of expressions that should exist in modernity.

In recent years, in addition to paint production, graphic designs and objets, his work has expanded into video and music.
In particular, in many of his works he incorporates “IREZUMI,” a traditional Japanese art form as an original touch to his designs.

Narita proposes to extract the core beauty it entails by having his works deviate from the perverse image of the modern society and then infuse them with things like pop-like hues or strong messages.
Narita enthusiastically pursues his activities of expressions in various countries and regions and he is currently immersed in “kabuki.”