TOKYO AUTO SALON is known the world over as the automo;ve industry’s biggest a@ermarket event. It is held annually in TOKYO, at the beginning of January.

In the 2013, Liberty Walk stole the spotlight for the en;re four days by showcasing their customized cars throughout numerous exhibitors’ booths such as TOYO, NITTO, DUB Magazine, etc.

Liberty Walk connects with their numerous fans all over the world via various social network services such as Facebook and Instagram. Liberty Walk updates their blogs and photos everyday about fans who visit the shop and upcoming projects.

Amongst all the customized cars that will be par;cipa;ng in this year’s SEMA show, there will be one par;cular car dedicated toward a tragic event which occurred in 2011. It has been three years since the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. The message of ‘appreciate and enjoy each day’ is symbolized in a special automo;ve art project. This project was ini;ated in hopes that people will not forget about the unfortunate event and send out a message worldwide.

There are s;ll many concerns towards this project. How should we showcase the work? How will the audience react? How will the cri;cs react? Nevertheless, we have a message to deliver, a work piece to present.

A customized car collabora;ng with an art installa;on is quite unprecedented. The project team will be documen;ng the en;re process up un;l the day it is revealed to the public.


The Liberty Walk GT-R will be clad in Zensui’s dis;nc;ve bold and colourful art style. His work perfectly suits the aggressive lines and spirit of this type of car.

All people face difficul;es in life and strive to overcome. A step at a ;me one must walk toward a brighter future.

In Japanese culture people have always found comfort through “Yaorozu no kami” literally translated as: “The eight million gods”

Seven Gods of Fortune

In Japanese mythology these 7 gods are known for bringing happiness and fortune. As seen in the pain;ng, they are cheerful even in the midst of turbulent waters. Each carries with him and her treasure in the form of a blessing. It is from this myth that Zensui draws his inspira;on. Emblazoned across the side is the seven gods along with a chrysanthemum flower, a symbol of laughter and happiness.



The project began when Mr. Kato went to visit the areas affected by the 3.11 Tohoku disasters. There he met the survivors who shared their experiences with him. Seeing the devasta;on wrought throughout the surrounding areas deeply moved Mr. Kato’s heart. By the end of his visit he was ins;lled with a passion to help by his connec;on with the people affected. This GT-R is the expression of that desire.

3.11 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, natural and man-made disasters and war have vic;ms all over the world. No mafer how dark things may seem, don’t lose hope.
Keep smiling!

Keep Shining!
We hope to spread this message by exhibi;ng the GT-R “Seven Gods of Fortune”



The event of the 3.11 disaster brought despair to the people of Japan with repercussions all over the world. With the loss of so many historical landmarks, homes as well as the local infrastructure, Tohoku has yet to fully recover.
Mr. Kato visited Tohoku on March 11th 2014. His prior trip three years ago was to par;cipate in disaster recovery with his crew by providing food and water as well as assis;ng in cleaning the clufers. Mr. Kato and his crews’ prayer for the peace and safety for those affected in the disaster; led Mr. Kato to have a strong desire to spread the message of joy and happiness and to encourage many children and their families through his work. Through his ac;ons and the ac;ons of the LB crew as a whole, the mul;tude of LB fans around the world as well as many Japanese heard the message of encouragement and joy that transcends language.
Mr. Kato does not wish for the memory of the 3.11 disaster to be forgofen so he decided on Tohoku soil to realize his message of “let us not forget to help each other to become happier” in the form of this project in order to reach the world at large.
In the spring of 2014, Mr. Kato met with Mr. Narita, a talented painter who was working on the theme “recovering a countries’ lost iden;ty”. The two had much in common and took it upon themselves to collaborate. Mr. Narita will combine the tradi;onal Japanese style of Irezumi with the vibrant hue of modern pop art to create a truly one of a kind piece.
Mr. Kato and Mr. Narita will collaborate at the AUTO SALON event in the TOKYO next year. Exhibit informa;on will be sent out via social networking and internet venues such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. A documentary video is also planned. Although we cannot know how the public will receive this project through paint and to car itself, we wish to convey Mr. Kato’s message.


Liberty walk co.,ltd CEO LB Performance Producer

LBP is a custom car brand that provides service for a wide variety of vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferraris, tuning cars, light weight trucks, etc. Liberty Walk produces custom cars catering to both local and interna;onal clients. Mr. Kato himself loves cars so much that to him it is far more than a business. O@en taking ;me to organize events for children. Liberty Walk has released body kits such as over fenders and other specialized aero, transforming “Lamborghini Supercars” into Japanese style “Highway Racers”. Never before has someone actually cut into the body like this, making it impossible to turn back. In 2012, a@er announcing this method, the LB Performance name has spread like wildfire with orders coming in from around the globe all asking for Mr. Kato’s custom parts.
LB Performance con;nues to surprise the public by recently releasing the body kits for Ferraris, GT-R, BMW, etc.
Reside – Aichi Prefecture Interest – Cars Favourite Food- Ice Cream


Zensui Narita, who loves Japanese tradi;onal art ” IREZUMI “ mixed with the modern Japanese pop art. He u;lized his experiences, knowledge, and techniques to paint pictures on canvas or any structures with a theme in his mind.
2011 – Open an exhibi;on in Nagoya and Tokyo (Tokyo Conven;on has been cancelled due to Toohoku earthquake)
2013- Par;cipated in NY ARTEXPO. Looking for the space in California Currently, preparing to par;cipate in 2015 Exhibi;on
Reside: Aichi Prefecture
Interest: DJ
Favourite Food: Donuts